About Me

My name is Ahmed Masood, I have studied the basics of Homeopathy at Resonance School of Homeopathy, Reno, NV from Robert Field, R.S. Hom. (N.A.), C.T. Hom., A.P.H.  (Nevada). Mr. Field is the main instructor and chancellor of R.S.H. It was very enlightening for me to learn the current state of Homeopathy.

I greatly admire Adolph Lippe. The great American Homeopath who practiced from 1838 to 1888 in state of Pennsylvania. The way he understood and applied Hahnemannian Homeopathy no one did. On Feb 4th, 1878 he wrote, “The perpetuity and perpetual development of the Homeopathic Healing Art depend upon the adoption of principles and the discarding of the ever varying opinions of men. We must be governed by infallible principles, and not by the opinions of fallible men.”

It is my adoration for Adolph Lippe that brought Homeopathy in Las Vegas.

I only treat sick people, I don’t treat disease names. The great Jewish Philosopher & Physician Moses Maimonides 1135 – 1204 A.D. told us that “A physician should not treat the ailment, but (heal) the patient who is suffering from it.” In Homeopathic system of medicine symptoms are of prime importance. An ailing human being is not seen pathologically, but treated holistically – emotional, mental and spiritual states take precedence over disease names. Any acute, chronic and psychological case will be discussed and studied analytically, which includes past health history also. Homeopathic remedy inspires and conveys a message to body and the disease abates. The remedies – animal, herbal, mineral and microbes, in a very low dilution are non-invasive in nature.

Homeopathic remedies can absolutely treat and cure cases of metal derangement, substance abuse and help a lot in restoring lives. If given a chance, Homeopathic method can show its ability and demonstrate the truth by evidence. Also psychological cases of ADHD, bipolar disorders, depression, trauma and relationship problems among couples are also possible. Suicidal tendencies and PTSD falls in the same category.